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Established in May of 2016, Dolph Golph is a street-wear brand based in Milwaukee, WI committed to providing quality goods first and foremost. Dolph is short for Dolphin and Golph is an unique spelling for Golf dropping the "f" and adding "ph". Our aesthetic bridges the mixture of Dolphin, Golf and modern street-wear. Apart from dolphins being Relaxing to watch at aquariums they're also Peaceful and intelligent mammals. Like humans, dolphins exhibit empathy and altruism, and they even mourn their dead. Golf is not only just a sport, but a discipline of concentration. It is an exercise in search of the perfect swing that is practiced in a Peaceful and Relaxing natural environment. All of our designs are carefully thought out so that they are conceptually cohesive to the Relaxing concept of Dolphin and Golf. Paying attention to detail is a major concern of ours. We make sure everything is perfect from the moment an item leaves our hands to when it arrives in yours. Our main goal is to create great products by bringing "Relaxation to your fashion." We hope you enjoy Dolph Golph.